A Complete Guide on How to Get Free 5G Government Phones

Purchase of a Free 5G Government Phone

Checking your eligibility is the first step in learning how to receive free 5G government phones. Next, you’ll submit an ACP or Lifeline application.

Once you’ve been authorised, you may select your phone provider, sign up for your free or discounted plan, and purchase your new phone.

Verify Your Eligibility in Step 1

To be eligible for a free 5G government phone, you must be eligible for ACP or Lifeline. You might need to take part in both depending on the phone company. See whether you qualify below.

Lifeline Prerequisites

In order to be eligible for Lifeline, you must either have income or be enrolled in another government programme.

Your annual income must be at or below 135% of the federal poverty level. This sum is determined by the size of your household and the state in which you reside. The highest annual income levels you can earn while receiving Lifeline are listed below. The poverty thresholds in your state may be a little bit different, particularly for people who live in Alaska or Hawaii.

135% of the Federal Poverty Line for Household Size

1 $18,347

2 $24,719

3 $31,091

If you or your dependent participate in another government assistance programme, you may also be eligible for Lifeline. Since these programmes already have low-income requirements, if you take part in them, Lifeline will be aware that you may also be qualified for their programme based on your income or other factors.

These are the programmes:

SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programme.
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) under Medicaid
Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit (FPHA) for Federal Public Housing Assistance

Additionally desirable are particular tribal assistance programmes:

General Assistance from the Bureau of Indian Affairs
General Assistance from the Bureau of Indian Affairs
Jump Start
Tribal Emergency Food Distribution Programme for Needy Families on Indian Reservations

ACP Conditions

To be eligible for ACP, your household must earn at least 200% of the federal poverty level. Alternately, you might satisfy one of the program’s other requirements.

The minimum income requirements to be eligible for ACP are listed below. Before applying, confirm the amounts with your state because Alaska and Hawaii have different requirements.

200% of the Federal Poverty Line Household Size

1 $27,180

2 $36,620

3 $46,060

Additionally, if you fit one of these requirements, you qualify:

that year, was awarded a Pell Grant.
meet the requirements of your provider
Participate in a programme of government aid
keep a lifeline

Sign up for Lifeline or ACP

It’s time to submit an ACP or Lifeline application if you qualify. For many phone companies, you won’t need to apply for ACP if you already have Lifeline. You can get in touch with your employer immediately, and they ought to be able to enrol you in ACP benefits over the phone.

requesting ACP

ACP applications can be submitted online, by mail, or through your current internet service provider. Create an account and finish the application to submit it online. You might get an instant response if you apply online.

Print the application and household worksheet, complete them both, and ship them, together with supporting paperwork, to the following address to submit your application by mail:

Support Centre for ACP

PO Box 7081

UK 40742 London

The application can be printed in either English or Spanish. Read the instructions carefully before beginning the application. The household worksheet with instructions can also be printed in English or Spanish.

It’s possible that your current internet service provider is already an ACP participant and can aid with your application. Calling them is the best approach to learn more. You should be able to apply using their company’s online or telephone application process if they are ACP participants. As long as you continue to get the monthly benefits from ACP, you might also keep your current plan.

You must submit personal information for each ACP application, including your name, address, and birthdate. To confirm your ID, you will also need to supply supporting paperwork. Your social security number, tribal ID number, driver’s licence, passport, or military ID can all be used as identification.

Finally, be ready to provide evidence that you are eligible for ACP. This can be done using revenue documentation like:

One’s tax return
Three consecutive pay stubs or documentation proving enrollment in a government aid programme, such as a certified letter from the government

Requesting a Lifeline

Applying for Lifeline can be done in three different ways: online, via mail, or through a phone or internet provider. Create an account and start the application to submit it online.

Print the Lifeline application, complete it, and mail it together with copies of your supporting documents to the following address to apply by mail:

Lifeline Support Centre for USAC

PO Box 7081

UK 40742 London

Call the company and ask a representative if your existing phone and internet provider takes part in Lifeline. In that case, they can help you with the application and may even have a separate application process that you may access on their website. You might be able to continue with your current plan while receiving Lifeline benefits, much like with ACP.

Get ready your personal information, such as your address, birthdate, and full name. A social security number, tribal ID number, driver’s licence, passport, or military ID will also be required as identification.

If you qualify for Lifeline based on your income, you must present a tax return or three consecutive pay stubs. Let’s say you meet the requirements for a government aid programme. If so, you will need to present proof, such as an official letter confirming your involvement. Send only copies and never the originals of official documents if you are mailing your application.

Select Your Business

You can choose your firm once you are aware of your eligibility for a free phone and other phone plan features. You might have previously completed this in step #2 if your current provider has a partnership with ACP and Lifeline.

If not, you might want to think about Cintex Wireless, StandUp Wireless, SafeLink, Assurance Wireless, etc. These trustworthy businesses collaborate with ACP and Lifeline and provide a free government phone with your service. It’s crucial to remember that not all businesses offer services in every state.

Risen Wireless

With StandUp Wireless, acquiring a free phone and service is simple. With your Lifeline and ACP benefits, you can obtain a free phone with countrywide coverage, 10GB of high-speed data on both 4G and 5G networks, unlimited speak, text, and data, and more.

Start your benefits application right away on our website, and once it is accepted, a postal delivery of your new smartphone will be made to your door. Once you’ve received it, give us a call, and we’ll activate your service the same day.

Enjoy Your New Phone, #4!

You should be able to get your new phone in person or by mail once you’ve confirmed your phone company and plan. Once it has been activated and charged, you are ready to go!

varieties of free 5G phones

The company will determine the type of 5G phone you get. Any model from well-known companies like:

Samsung Motorola
Xiaomi Lenovo LG

Read more.

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