Trails Carolina Death: A Tragedy that Raises Questions about the Wilderness Therapy Industry

trails carolina death

In 2016, a 17-yr-antique boy named Alec Lansing died even as taking part in a desert remedy program at Trails Carolina, a facility located in Lake Toxaway, North Carolina. Lansing’s dying become a tragedy that raised critical questions about the protection and efficacy of wasteland therapy packages. Wilderness therapy applications can be high priced, costing … Read more

Ben Stein: A Multifaceted Career in Economics, Entertainment, and Commentary

ben stein

Ben Stein is a prominent American economist, commentator, actor, and writer known for his diverse career spanning various fields. Here’s an overview of his background and contributions: Early Life and Education: Career in Economics: Acting Career: Writing and Commentator: Game Shows and Television Work: Political and Economic Commentary: Public Speaking: Personal Life: Role in Ferris … Read more